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During testing when the animals exhibit symptoms—as they usually do, because heavy quantities of lab chemicals are being used on them—the scientists don’t attempt to console or help the animal. Rather, they monitor the side effects, writing notes about how the animal is suffering. If an animal miraculously has no side effects, the dosage is increased until the animal displays symptoms. That’s how scientists come up with “safe dosage” recommendations. After an animal’s symptoms appear, the scientists may continue to administer the product, to “see what happens.”Finally, the lab animal will succumb to their injuries and die. perfume

What makes perfume full of cruelty?

Perfume lovers must not only avoid fragrances made with extracts of leather and also secretions from animals used to mark their territories, which are often used as fixatives to make a scent last longer. Other animals to suffer in the name of humans smelling good are East Asian musk deer and North American and European beavers, killed for their musk and castoreum respectively.

Civet comes from the anal glands of the endangered wildcat found in India and Africa. The civets are captured and held in cramped cages for years, with the musk being “scraped” out every 10 days. Brutal and icky as this sounds, civet musk is still present in many of the world’s favourite perfumes. The problem is, you wouldn’t know it, because companies are not legally obliged to disclose the ingredients used in their scents. They count as “trade secret formulas” and are exempt. Instead, you’ll simply see “fragrance”, “perfume” or “parfum” on the ingredients list.


Is Animal Testing Necessary?

Tragically, animal testing isn’t necessary. With cruelty-free products, lab experiments are still run on personal care products to ensure safety, but they don’t involve cruelty to animals.. Because many cruelty-free products are made with natural ingredients, there’s less chance you’ll have a reaction, and a better chance the product will offer you remarkable results.  Many of those products are not tested on animals, and they’re as safe, or safer, than products tested on animals You don’t need a product tested on animals to insure it’s safe.

You can buy cruelty-free fragrance to save an animal, to save your skin or to save your conscience… ultimately, it doesn’t matter what your reasons are, just do the right thing! It’s easier than you think.

When you take the time to find brands you can trust ,you use your money to vote for cruelty-free products when you purchase. This includes Aftershaves/Colognes.

Ask, read labels and if you find they test on animals don’t buy it.

Here’s some Cruelty free fragrance Sources:

Lifetherapy . Eau de perfume and alcohol-free roll-on fragrances. All products are formulated without mineral oil, petroleum, DEA or parabens, are not tested on animals, and proudly made in the USA.

Fruits & Passion Eau de Toilette, Eau fraîche & body mists Keep your skin refreshed and scented. Body mists have lightly moisturizing effect, and a very subtle fragrance, perfect for refreshing beauty touch-ups throughout the day! Eau fraîche leaves your body and hair delicately scented and provides instant freshness. Cruelty-free.
No ingredients derived from animals. Plant-based alcohol in Eau de Toilette

Ecco Bella Organic Free of parabens, water, alcohol, talc, FD & C dyes, and any animal product. Never use animal testing or any ingredients created from animals. No gluten or wheat protein in any Ecco Bella product. Made in the USA

Desert Essence Aromatherapy Oils certified by Leaping Bunny. With every purchase of new Oil Blends, 1% of sales will be donated to help girls in impoverished areas get access to education so they can change their own lives.

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