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Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty free? Cruelty-free beauty updates

Chances are you’ve heard of celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. She is famous for her products Pillow Talk lipstick and eyeshadow, Airbrush Flawless Finish, Magic Cream moisturiser, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation and the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 collection named after celebrities like JK Rowling.

Charlotte Tilbury the MUA, grew up on the Spanish island of Ibiza, made her name working with supermodels such as Kate Moss and actresses including Penelope Cruz.

Recently Charlotte Tilbury has sold her company and it’s integrity. Tilbury, personally owned between half and 75% of the company until signing a deal with the Spanish based Puig will likely have handed her a cash payout worth tens of millions of pounds. None of the brands sold under this company are cruelty free.

It appears they chose greed over ethics, knowing that their cruelty-free status would take a backseat.

Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty free? Cruelty-free beauty updates 1

I no longer consider Charlotte Tilbury the brand cruelty free. Here’s why:

The brand is now selling in china. Charlotte Tilbury said: “I am SO excited to be officially launching my magic Makeup Revolution in Asia.
There has been huge demand already from my loyal base of customers who have followed my brand from the start and I am so thrilled to finally be able to share all of my best-selling, award-winning makeup magic & red carpet ready skincare.”

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty has announced a year-long partnership with Chinese sportsman, actor and singer Allen Ren. As part of the link up, Ren will carry the title Friend of Charlotte and promote the brand’s make-up range in mainland China.

“I cannot wait to work with Allen to share all my red carpet make-up tips and tricks with the gorgeous men and women of China.”

Photos of in-store displays of Charlotte Tilbury products first appeared on Instagram in December 2019 in Shanghai, China. The photos were from a Little B Pop-Up shop. 

Why does selling in China matter?

Chinese law states that foreign cosmetics need to be tested in government approved labs. While it may not be the foreign company’s own policy to test its products on animals, in order to sell in China, the company must pay for animal testing to be conducted on their products in Chinese government-approved facilities. There are ways to skip the premarket animal testing but there is NOT a way to skip the post market animal testing in China.
No brand is exempt from POST market animal testing in China. Chinese officials can  pull items off shelves for animal testing and don’t need a brand’s permission to do it. They don’t have to inform the brand of these actions either.

 In the event of a customer complaint, the Chinese authorities would be able to test Charlotte Tilbury products on animals.

China store listings from the Charlotte Tilbury website

  • KUWAIT(1)
  • QATAR(2)

I included the Arabian listings as their position on animal testing isn’t the best either.

There is a difference between a company saying they are cruelty free and being truly being 100% cruelty free. When I support cruelty-free brands, I want the assurance of knowing that these products aren’t being tested on animals in China ( or anywhere), even if there’s a 2% chance.

Instead of using Charlotte Tilbury , try

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