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4 Cruelty free charities that help stop cruel animal testing

These are charities that are supported by myself at beautybulletins.com

Why I support these charities that help stop cruel animal testing for innocent animals

ANIMAL RESEARCH IS A SECRETIVE BUSINESS and I want to expose what really happens to animals in laboratories. Animal testing hurts humans too. Find out why. Despite growing public concern and increasing availability of more humane and human-relevant non-animal methods, animals continue to be used in cruel and unreliable tests. I want to END PAINFUL OUTDATED TESTS.

4 Cruelty free charities that help stop cruel animal testing
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Why is animal testing bad?

At this moment, 190 million living, feeling beings like us are being held prisoner in laboratories throughout the U.S. They’re repeatedly poked, prodded, biopsied, amputated, infected, injected, and robbed of their babies. They are kept in isolation inside steel cages with no beds. They are often withheld food and water as well.

Experiments can cause paralysis, swelling and ulceration of the skin and eyes, convulsions, bleeding from the nose or mouth, severe pain, self-mutilation, and ultimately death. There is no requirement to provide animals with pain-relieving drugs during these experiments, and animals who have not died by the end are usually killed. In 2017, hundreds of thousands of animals were subjected to painful experiments, and few receive any form of pain relief. Although scientists have state-of-the-art, effective, non-animal methods available, experimenters continue to torture countless animals anyway.

help stop cruel animal testing

As you read this, dogs and monkeys are being cut open and force fed toxins. 90% of animals in labs are excluded from The Animal Welfare Act.

Animal testing hurts humans as well

Here’s the simple truth that the billion-dollar animal experimentation industry doesn’t want you to know: Animal experiments don’t work.

It’s well known that the vast majority of drugs that pass tests on animals do not work on humans. “The FDA reports that 92 percent of drugs approved for testing in humans fail to receive approval for human use. This failure rate has increased from 86 percent in 1985, in spite of all the ‘advances and refinements’ intended to make animal tests more accurate.”

Dr. Melvin Andersen, coauthor of the report and former director of the Division of Computational Biology at The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, stated, “The reason we use animal tests is because we have a comfort level with the process … not because it is the correct process, not because it gives us any real new information we need to make decisions. Animal tests are no longer the gold standard.” 

These tests generally require concentrations of the chemical that are thousands of times higher than someone would experience in a typical real-world exposure. In order to try to see these toxic effects in a short time frame, scientists expose animals to much higher doses of chemicals than humans would ever experience or would ever be seen in the environment (animal testing normally requires that the top dose in experiments shows some signs of overdose). However, this approach doesn’t make problems show up thousands of times faster – it makes different problems show up. A poor methodology.

Relying on animal testing is not only cruel, it’s holding science back. Approximately 2 billion animals have been killed in U.S. research since 2000. This reliance on animal research to study human biology and diseases is slowing medical progress and hurting people too.

This why 92% of drugs tested on animals fail in human trials. This means millions of caring, thinking, feeling beings are tortured and killed for nothing.

4 Cruelty free charities that help stop cruel animal testing 1

Animal testing alternatives combined give better outcomes

By combining different non-animal methods, (such as computer simulation and human cell-based models), these can be used as a working and efficient way to evaluate a chemical’s overall biological activity and to give toxicologists a good idea of what kind of toxicity it might induce. Real-life population-based studies have been shown to provide information on health risks that have not been revealed by animal testing.

Help stop PAINFUL OUTDATED Cruel animal testing

Cruelty free charities that help stop cruel animal testing

National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS)

National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS)

NAVS promotes greater compassion, respect and justice for animals through educational and advocacy programs based on respected ethical, scientific and legal theory. Supported by extensive documentation of the cruelty and waste of vivisection, NAVS works to increase public awareness about animal experimentation, to promote positive solutions that advance humane science, to support the development of alternatives to the use of animals, and in cooperation with like-minded individuals and groups, to effect changes which help to end the unnecessary suffering of animals.

The White Coat Waste project.

White Coat Waste Project

White Coat Waste finds, exposes, and helps de-fund wasteful government spending on animal experiments. To change public policy, they unite liberty lovers and animal lovers with hard-hitting investigations and public policy campaigns. While buying cruelty-free cosmetics and household products is a good start, the overwhelming majority of animal experimentation in the U.S. is being done in federally-funded laboratories that are not involved in consumer product development. This is why addressing the federal spending problem is the way to stop most animal experimentation.

Cruelty free charities that help stop cruel animal testing
Send an email to your states congress people

The simple act of sending an email or going cruelty free could make a real difference to animals in laboratories. Get involved today and help end animal testing worldwide. 

Cruelty Free International

Cruelty Free International

A dedicated team are experts in their fields, combining award-winning campaigning, political lobbying, pioneering undercover investigations, scientific and legal expertise and corporate responsibility to make a positive difference to animals in laboratories. Their work provides a vital role in ensuring that alternatives to animal testing for medicines, chemicals and cosmetics do not fall through the gaps in the bureaucratic process.

Cruelty Free International monitors developments in humane testing and using scientific and legal expertise to ensure guidelines allow the use of alternatives to animal testing, as the law requires. They write scientific papers challenging the problems with animal testing and suggesting solutions. They challenge the relevant companies and regulatory authorities to take action, including by court action.

In 1996, they launched the Leaping Bunny program. Symbolised by the Leaping Bunny logo, the world-leading program is working hard to turn shopping cruelty free with more and more leading household names gaining Leaping Bunny approval. Cruelty Free International pioneered the Leaping Bunny pilot project in China in 2018. The project was designed to explore cruelty free routes for Leaping Bunny approved cosmetics companies to sell in China where mandatory animal testing was still required on imported finished products. giving the vast Chinese population an option to purchase cruelty-free.

They receive no government funding and rely entirely on the generosity of supporters to continue the work for animals.  Please make a donation and help us end animal testing experiments worldwide.

Honorable Mention in cruelty free charities that help stop cruel animal testing

Rise for Animals

Rise for Animals is a national animal rights organization on a mission to end animal experimentation in our lifetime. With the support of people like you, they save animals from torture in labs and advocate for more innovative, humane, and effective research alternatives.

Just think of how many times we’ve cured cancer in mice. These treatments simply don’t work in humans. That’s why Rise for Animals advocates for more humane and effective research methods for all, at the expense of none.

These charities do make a difference in helping defenseless animals in cruel animal testing

4 Cruelty free charities that help stop cruel animal testing 2

All American charities listed rate High at Charity Navigator

We are not without tools to help stop animals from being tortured in testing. We can help defenseless animals. You can affect real change.

Vow to stop funding animal testing with purchases in home cleaning, personal care and makeup

Going cruelty-free is one of the easiest ways to fight the horrors of animals used for product testing. In saying NO to products and companies that test on animals, you are a voice for the millions of animals that are routinely blinded, poisoned, and amputated each year.

Vote with your dollars. Buy only cruelty free. Don’t support companies that do animal testing. Find and use cruelty free alternatives to your beauty, personal care and home care products. You can make a difference!

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 help stop cruel animal testing

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