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Are Your Products Truly Cruelty Free? Questions to Ask

beaglecage2Animal Testing Questions When Buying Cruelty Free:

1. Are the finished products tested on animals by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company?

2. Are the products tested on animals during the production process by the company,  a third party or an affiliate company?

3. Do you have documents from your ingredient suppliers to show that they are not testing on animals for your brand or any other brand?

4. Does your manufacturer purchase any ingredients from laboratories that conduct tests on animals? Do you have documents to support this?

5. Are the products sold in any markets where animal testing is required by local law and regulations (China, etc)?

6. Are the products vegetarian? (no animals killed for the products – i.e. some forms of collagen, lanolin, etc.)

7. Are the products vegan? (i.e. product ingredients that come from animals like lanolin, honey, milk, etc.)

8. Is your company certified by Leaping Bunny or Caring Consumer?


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