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Petit Vour Box, best ethical beauty sourced around the globe

Petit Vour boxes are an expert-vetted curation of cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic goods. Perfect if you’re looking to swap out conventional animal tested beauty products for cruelty-free luxuries. 100% cruelty-free, toxin-free, vegan products.

 These Petit Vour Limited Edition Boxes include luxurious travel and full-size bath, body and color cosmetics products that favor the essence of cruelty-free. Curated for the clean makeup and skincare lover for non-toxic everyday care. Color products offered are customizable. Some boxes feature beauty minis that soothe, protect, and combat signs of aging. Elevate your at-home self-care or give as a nourishing gift. NOT a subscription. No animal ingredients, ever. 

Discover the best ethical beauty sourced from around the globe, Petit Vour Box

Petit Vour Box curated box

These boxes are really nice starter kits, with a good variety of products. I love that you get to choose your shades.

Petit Vour strives to provide the latest in luxury vegan beauty from around the world. Petit Vour is wholly cruelty-free. This means absolutely NO animal testing or partnering with brands who sell in countries where animal testing is required and NO manufacturing in countries with lower worker standards than the USA, unless the brand can provide clear proof of fair worker standards. Petit Vour actively pushes brands, our partners, and ourselves for greater transparency.

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