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FDA Law No longer Requires Animal Testing. Everything new you need to know

Does this law stop animal testing?

Is this a full on FDA ban on animal testing? Read article on how FDA Law No longer Requires Animal Testing. More than 90% of drugs that pass initial animal tests end up being unsafe or ineffective in humans, according to a 2019 review in the journal Translational Medicine Communications. According to a Health and Human Services Secretary, Mike Leavitt, “nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory and animal studies.” A major cause of this inefficiency is the age old reliance on testing drugs in animals before they are tested in humans.

Animal models very often do not accurately reflect human physiology, meaning that drugs that appear to be safe and effective in animals frequently prove to be harmful or ineffective in humans. This mismatch in biology causes many useless or toxic drugs to advance through clinical trials at great expense, while potentially effective compounds never make it to market. Many disease areas have seen little to no progress despite decades of animal research. 

Animal ‘models’ are seldom subject to the same causes, symptoms, or biological mechanisms as their human analogues. Indeed, many health problems currently afflicting humans, such as psychopathology, cancer, drug addiction, Alzheimer’s, and AIDS, are human species-specific.  Trying to mimic human diseases and toxicity by artificially creating symptoms in mice, dogs or monkeys has huge scientific limitations that cannot be overcome.

Everything you need to know about how FDA Law No longer Requires Animal Testing

FDA Law No longer Requires Animal Testing
PIN FDA Law No longer Requires Animal Testing

FDA Modernization Act 2.0. FDA Law No longer Requires Animal Testing

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) no longer requires new drugs to be tested in animals before being approved. Thanks to a law passed in December 2022, the agency now has the option to approve drugs that are tested in only non-animal studies, including those that use lab-grown tissues or computer models, before being tested in clinical trials with humans. 

To the FDA sunscreens are considered drugs

Apparently the over counter kind. Funny I’ve never read a warning for overuse of SPF. I know few people who even wear SPF everyday. China also considers sunscreen a drug and persists in their archaic animal testing. American brands sold in China are subject to the same Chinese laws. (Read more here). That is why purchasing a sunscreen from a company that doesn’t sell in China or one that is Leaping Bunny certified is the best course of action. Leaping Bunny is the internationally recognized symbol guaranteeing consumers that no animal tests were used in the development of any product displaying it. Look for this cruelty-free logo when SPF shopping.

FDA Law No longer Requires Animal Testing & leaping bunny certified symbol

Alternatives to animal testing

Anyway, advances in systems biology, stem cells, engineered tissues, and mathematical modeling are creating special opportunities to improve FDA’s predictive functional ability, potentially enhancing the ability to predict risk and efficacy. This is done via advanced science that use:

  • Human cells, tissues and organs,
  • 3D printing
  • Robotics,
  • Computer models
  • other technologies

They are experiments that don’t rely on captive innocent animals. These technologies are better for both animals and humans because they are typically faster, less expensive and more accurate than the outdated animal experiments that have been used for decades.

These advances could help bring FDA-regulated products to market faster, with improved efficacy, or prevent products with increased toxic risks from reaching the retail market. Critical is the potential for these advances to replace or reduce animal testing. 

More on the FDA Modernization Act 2.0

The bill also removes a requirement to use animal studies as part of the process to obtain a license for a biological product that is biosimilar or interchangeable with another biological product so the FDA Law No longer Requires Animal Testing

Does this stop companies from testing on animals?

No. While companies are no longer demanded to test on innocent sentient animals, this law does not stop them. Consumer demand can help stop them though. Money talks to these entities and it’s better not to feed the animal testing beast with our hard earned dollars. Need for animal testing lessens each decade but you can help hasten the end of pain and senseless torture by shopping cruelty-free today.

Sources: FDA, Humane Society US, NIH

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