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Fall Skin Care Favorites. My Autumn Essential Fall Skincare Reviews

Fall Skin Care Favorites. My Autumn Essential Fall Skincare Reviews.

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Cold weather is a good reason to inspect your skincare. I simply can’t use the same thing all year long because my skin has different needs in Fall and Winter. Since solar activity is reduced in autumn, it is a good time to switch skincare to improve results. Air in our houses and offices becomes much less humid in fall and winter. While your skin could be a bit shiny or oily during summer, it will soon feel drier .
I’m combo skin in summer and drier in the winter. My skin type in the winter is normal to dry.


Time to transition to a milder cleanser. I opt for a gentler, soothing cleanser that will not strip my skin. I like creamy, balm-like or oil based cleansers in cooler weather – something more hydrating . I prefer foaming cleansers more  more in summer.
I haven’t found my holy grail cleanser so I’m switching up between a few.

elf Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser

elf-hydrating gel cleanser

This is a hydrating cleansing balm. It feels thick at first but then turns gel like on the skin.

This Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser easily dissolves makeup and pollutants from the skin. Infused with argan oil, rose extracts, seed oils, and vitamin C, this cleanser leaves your face moisturized with each use. Works great taking off mascara! I find it best used in the shower when you can rinse really well.
All e.l.f. skincare products are free from Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates.
Free Gift & Free Shipping on orders $25+ at elf.  For a limited time choose 2 free gifts from a selection of items when you shop at elf.  Shop now!Fall Skin Care Favorites. My Autumn Essential Fall Skincare Reviews 1

Treatment or serum

I tend to use more retinol in colder weather. I don’t have to worry about the sun degrading it and destroying its potency. We all know retinol is a game changer when it comes to skin. However, if you are a retinol user you may be aware of the increased sensitivity it causes, particularly during Summer. There is decreased light intensity as we transition into Autumn. This means it is you can introduce all the retinols back into your regular Fall / Winter skin care routine for day or night.

Pixi Retinol Tonic

pixi-retinol tonicThis potent youth preserving tonic features a unique time-release Retinol to help rejuvenate the skin for a natural glow. Powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C and botanicals replenish the skin for a smoother, softer appearance while soothing sensitive skin. It has Peptides firm skin & boost collagen production. This has an herbal after shave smell at first. I’m guessing its because if the lavender in the formula. I’m not sure if this normal for this or not. The smells dissipates over time. I don’t smell it all night though.
It’s not the only retinol I use but one of the primary ones.

Read my article below about the best retinol for different skin types :

The Best Retinol You Can Get Without a Prescription. The #1 Dermatologist recommended skincare ingredient


I do use a spray sunscreen but the type has been discontinued..I’m a big proponent of SPF  but to be honest I don’t use sunscreen every day in the fall / winter because I don’t go out much since I work from home. I depend a lot on the SPF in my foundation since I live in cold dark climate in winter.


Vitamin C Intense Night Cream

This not only my FAVORITE fall purchase I use it all winter too. I like knowing I’m benefitting my aging skin by using Vitamin C. I use some kind of vitamin C product everyday whether it is cream, serum or facial mist. I use this sometimes during the day too if I’m feeling extra dry.
dermae-vitamin c night
The antioxidant power of Vitamin C makes it one of the most essential skin care ingredients. It rejuvenates skin, making it appear more youthful while reducing signs of aging such as uneven tone, discoloration and fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also helps guard your skin from the damage that can be caused by the sun’s UV rays. By promoting collagen health, Vitamin C for skin is transformative, creating a complexion that looks bright and vibrant. Our Vitamin C Night Cream both protects and nourishes your skin while you sleep. This Vitamin C face cream uses a stabilized Vitamin C formula that is less likely to degrade before being absorbed by your skin.
It’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free and  does not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten, soy or GMOs.
This isn’t an extensive list of my Fall favorites but ones I use the most.  Some of my Fall favorites have been discontinued so it’s time to find some new favorites!
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