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Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupes

From playful pinks and yellows to delicate purples and blues, the Natasha Denona Pastel Palette is bursting with lush, inspiring color. I’m a fan of Natasha Denona eyeshadows. I’m just not fan of the price. So I wanted to find some similar dupes for this expensive high-end but lovely colorful palette. Come find your favorite Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupes for far less coin. And of course all Natasha Denona Pastel Palette dupes will all be cruelty-free.

Natasha Denona Pastel Eyeshadow Palette $65.00

Natasha Denona Pastel Palette

Natasha Denona Pastel Palette’s unique color story offers buildable intensity for everything from subtle to statement looks. Go monochrome with the same pastel shade in different tones or use the palette to add a pop of pastel to an otherwise neutral eye. The only limit is your imagination. Whatever you choose, all formulas in the Pastel Palette blend seamlessly for long-lasting, effortless, pro-level looks.

Shade Description
Tulle 422CP – matte bubble gum pink
Illusion 423DC – duo chrome sheer pink peach
Mint Frost 170SM – sparkling metallic icy turquoise
Bora 424CP – matte medium lilac
Dainty 425DCS – duo chrome sparkling pink with golden champagne
Brisk 426CM – matte pastel mint
Adriatic 427DC – duo chrome bright turquoise and gold
Starlet 428DC – coral pink with golden peach
Bellini 429CM – pastel peach
Bubble 430CP – matte pastel cornflower
Limoncello 169M – metallic icy pastel yellow
Duet 431DC – duo chrome lilac teal
Airy 432CM – matte pastel sky blue
Zest 433CP – matte pastel lime
Feather 434CM – pastel lavender pink

Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupes

Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupes

Juvia’s Place Culture Eyeshadow Palette $36.00

Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupe

An expansive array of 30 bold and intense shades—including rich Yellows, greens, alluring pinks, majestic purples, oranges, duo chromatic shades and cosmetic glitter eye shadow, too. This is one the best Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupes in my opinion.


Naira Land: Sand Yellow Shade
Jigawa: Orange Matte Shade
1960: Nude Soft Brown Shade
Shona: A shimmery champagne
Wazobia: Terracotta Brown
Ife: Lime Green Shimmery Shade
Taraba: A matte cool tone neon green
Tiv: A deep shimmery army green
Ndebele: A matte green
Benin: A soft but intense baby pink
Efik: A sparkling and shimmery pink
Kobo: A matte hot pink
Calabash: A fiery shimmery intense pink
Kalabari: A matte rose
9ja:  A matte coral nude
Delta: A playful bright matte coral orange
Ashanti: A metallic mermaid coral duo chrome
Talking Drums: A matte neutral nude
Ijaw: A shimmery white champagne
Afro Beats: A matte teal blueYoruba: A duochromatic mix of mettallic teal and brown
Bono:  A metallic Electric Blue
Shekere: A playful bright matte blue
San: A metallic mermaid blue and champagne duo chrome
Boronu: A metallic purple shade
Edo: A matte Egg Plant Shade
Katanga: A shimmery lavender and purple duo chrome

Ecowas: A matte purple
Wolof:  A shimmery metallic pink and purple coral

Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupes

Pacifica Cosmic Reflect Hemp Infused Eye Shadows $19

Pacifica Cosmic Reflect Hemp Infused Eye Shadows Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupe

A carefully curated combination of matte, reflective and shimmer shades are infused with hemp oil, for a soft, talc-free blend with out-of-this world pigments and coverage. And we didn’t skimp on the brush! We have included a 100% vegan two-sided brush that you will actually want to use and add to your collection. Hemp oil works great in combination with eye shadows as it has a non-comedogenic rating of zero.


elf 18 HIT WONDERS EYESHADOW PALETTE  Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupe

This vibrant, colorful 18-pan palette contains only the best, most swatch-worthy shades, designed to inspire bold, vibrant eyeshadow looks. We included a mix of matte, satin and shimmer shades. The luxe formula of this vibrant eyeshadow palette is smooth, creamy, blendable and ultra-pigmented for effortless application. Vegan and Cruelty free.

Which of these cruelty-free Natasha Denona Pastel Palette Dupes is your favorite?

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