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Juvia’s Place Brand Review

It is Juvia’s Place commitment to provide you with the best value, at the best price. They value your business and strive to keep makeup and skincare prices low, and SAVE you money! Discover the best full coverage face makeup, concealer, eyeshadow palettes, eyeshadow primer, blushes, matte lipsticks, non-sticky glosses and skincare from Juvia’s Place. Global shade range for light to deep complexions. RICH, VIBRANT, HIGHLY PIGMENTED COLORS ARE PART OF WHAT MAKES JUVIA’S PLACE UNIQUE. THEY BELIEVE IN BEING BRIGHT, BOLD, AND PROUD

Juvia’s Place Brand Review

Juvia’s Place Brand is INCLUSIVE BEAUTY

Juvia’s Place customers have skin tones in the fairest fairs to the deepest darks. Juvia’s Place celebrates customers that come from all walks of life.

Discover the best full coverage matte liquid foundation, creamy concealer, flawless setting powders from Juvia’s Place. Global shade range for light to deep complexions. Shop our foundations with confidence. If your shade isn’t perfect, exchange it within 60 days for one that’s more you.


Created to celebrate the rebels, rulers, and queens of the African kingdoms who honored beauty through their innovative and soulful techniques that we still use today.

Necessity and inspiration spawned the creation of Juvia’s Place. Founder Chichi Eburu (Women owned, Black owned) struggled to find makeup suited for her deep skin tone. What was available were muted colors, and products that didn’t enhance the true richness of her skin tone. She searched for years to find cosmetics that would enhance the dark hues of her skin tone without making her look lighter or grayer, makeup that offered colors that weren’t muted against her rich skin color.

Juvia’s Place customers are BOLD. They’re different. They’re the outsiders on the inside. Our customers are the rebels, rulers and queens who express themselves through next-level beauty, where only the finest formulas and most-pigmented shades will do.

Juvia's Place Brand Review
Juvia’s Place Brand Review

Is Juvia’s Place cruelty free?

Yes. No animals were harmed and No animal testing on any Juvia’s product

Is Juvia’s Place Vegan ?

Most of products are vegan, All brushes are strictly cruelty free and vegan. Eye shadow palettes are cruelty free and vegan. The Old Saharan Palette formula had “Carmine” in the red shades. However , we recently extracted “Carmine” from the red shades.

Can I ship internationally? Yes.

The Juvia’s Place skincare line

 Juvia's Place skincare line

Juvia’s Place skincare thoughtfully blended nature with science to create advanced skincare formulations for all skin types and needs.

  • Acne
  • Aging
  • Dryness
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Large Pores
  • Dry and Sensitive Skin
Juvia's Place Brand Review

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