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Many Companies say they are Cruelty Free but are they Really?

Major companies are guilty of hiding their cruelty free status with wordy sentences that sound great on the 1st pass but with further examination just isn’t true. Doublespeak is used to hide what is really happening.

beagle cageHere’s what to look for:

“Do they sell in China? If the company agrees to test animals in foreign countries they are not cruelty free period.

 Do they say ingredients manufacturers they buy from do not test? This is very important. They can say they are cruelty free but if they are buying ingredients to put in their products they are perpetuating the torture.

And last one of the best ways to know is the bunny symbol. I always look for the bunny when shopping for beauty items as well as home cleaning products. Yes, they test on animals for that too. SAD.  My guiding principle is NO BUNNY < NO MONEY.


True beauty means not making an innocent animal suffer beagleskin

on your behalf. I cried a lot of tears writing this article when I was looking for photos to include. It’s far worse than you can possibly imagine. Yet we are not without power to help these little innocent ones. We can make serious changes by our purchasing power. I implore you please shop cruelty free. It’s easier than you think.

Beagles forced to inhale ingredients.

Beauty Bulletins Cruelty Free List

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