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Simple tips on how to switch to Cruelty Free

Switching to cruelty free skincare, makeup and personal  care may  seem like a huge change, but there’s really not that much to it. This journey can be really fun. Finding new items that fit your new lifestyle is easier than it ever has been. You can be confident that you can find what you want without harming the innocent.simple tips to cruelty free
I have found it much easier than I first thought.
If some of your holy grail products are made by a non cruelty-free brand, there are tons of dupes out there that you can find. Nowadays, there are many brands and companies that are cruelty-free.
When transitioning to a cruelty-free beauty routine, products are usually the first to pare down, and next, makeup brushes. Read The Benefits of Cruelty Free makeup brushes


WHY being Cruelty free MATTERS

The Tests are Painful
Bunnies, dogs, cats, and primates are commonly used in animal tests .
If you believe that these tests are as painless as a needle prick, you’re wrong. Animal tests cause pain and distress to the animals, and there’s no such thing as painless animal testing.
The truth is that animal testing is painful and unnecessary. By supporting brands that don’t test on animals, you’re able to encourage the companies that are making a real difference. There’s no reason not to switch.

Animal Testing Isn’t Even Necessary. In the 21st century it isn’t needed. Methods have changed & are often superior to old fashioned animal torture.

Simple tips on how to switch to Cruelty Free

  1.  Start with what you use most frequently daily like deodorant, facial cleanser, shampoo and sunscreen. These are higher volume use items. Then proceed with makeup items.
    If you are a typical woman, you use about 8-10 different skincare, makeup and personal care products on your body every day.
  2. Make sure items include the words cruelty free or not tested on animals. There are a few certifications and seals of approval that can be helpful in finding the products with the attributes that matter most. See list below.
  3. Next, watch out for these appealing claims that actually mean nothing to do with being cruelty free.
    Physician approved
    Vegan. Yes, vegan. Skincare & personal can be vegan or plant based and still tested on animals unless certified by CERTIFIED VEGAN & cruelty free standards.

There is also a difference between a company saying they are cruelty free and being truly  being 100% cruelty free. They may not test the final product but might still test all the ingredients on animals, or if they sell to China it is required by law that their products be tested by animals!

How to know if a product or brand is cruelty-free

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Get the list of cruelty free Personal Care & Beauty Products.

cflistmini2Get the list of cruelty free Personal Care & Beauty Products

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