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Why does a Company selling in China matter for Animal testing?

Chinese law states that certain foreign cosmetics need to be tested in government approved labs. While it may not be the original or foreign company’s own policy to test its products on animals, in order to sell in China, the company must pay for certain pre-market animal testing to be conducted on their products in Chinese government-approved facilities.

 For the animals this means a horrific and often tortured existence as these products are tested in the name of safety regulations. Animals are cut open or injected with raw materials or finished products They are also force feed chemicals and finished products. In fact, 219 animals are killed every minute in a U.S. lab. They die in pain, alone, without a gentle touch or a soothing voice.

Companies must take a number of steps and apply for the exemption to the animal testing requirements for imported general cosmetics. Companies that don’t take these steps or don’t qualify for the exemption will still be required to pay for tests on animals for their products.

Why does a Company selling in China matter for Animal testing? 1

There are ways to skip the premarket animal testing but there is NOT a way to skip the post market animal testing in China.

Why does a Beauty Company selling in China matter for Animal testing?

No brand is exempt from POST market animal testing in China. Chinese officials can pull items off shelves for animal testing and don’t need a brand’s permission to do it. They also don’t have to inform the brand of these actions.

Post-market animal testing occurs in China

if the authorities want to perform addition safety tests on products. In the event of a customer complaint, the Chinese authorities would be able to test any cosmetic or skincare products on animals. No brand sold in China is exempt from this law.

Recent updates in China’s animal testing laws.

China’s State Council has finalized regulations that significantly modernize cosmetic safety assessment and lay critical groundwork for removal of the longstanding requirement to animal test all imported ordinary cosmetics. Effective Jan. 1, 2021, imported ordinary cosmetics such as shampoo, blusher, mascara and perfume MAY no longer have to be animal tested for eye and skin irritation in Chinese laboratories. Cosmetics other than special cosmetics are ordinary cosmetics. Ordinary cosmetics make up the majority of personal care products imported to China; so-called “special” cosmetics will still require animal testing.

 It doesn’t mean the end of all tests on animals yet.

Products still subject to animal testing requirements:

Cosmetics used for hair and skin coloring, perming, sun protection, anti-hair loss, children’s products and cosmetics claiming new effects are termed ‘special’ cosmetics and are still subject to animal testing requirements. Special-use cosmetics will still be subject to mandatory pre- and post- market animal testing

The way to avoid this is for companies not sell certain items in foreign countries. Like “special” cosmetics that still require animal testing.
Beauty’s biggest conglomerates – Procter & Gamble, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, Unilever, Shiseido and Avon — all sell in China and continue to test on animals.

The best way to persuade companies to stop using animals is to refuse to buy their products .

Why does a Company selling in China matter for Animal testing? 2

Please do your part and vote with your dollar by buying only cruelty-free products for home and personal use.

CF list https://beautybulletins.com/crueltyfreelist/

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