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Cruelty-Free Aluminum Free Deodorant Reviews: Type A vs. Schmidt’s vs. The Crystal

These deodorant reviews are NOT sponsored. All products I bought with my own money because I wanted bias free deodorant reviews.

Cruelty-Free Aluminum Free Deodorant Reviews

I’ll be honest. I’m just as skeptical about these Aluminum Free non-antiperspirant deodorant claims as the next person. That’s why I set out to do my own deodorant reviews.

These deodorant trials were met with everyday chores like laundry, doing dishes, mopping and the like. Also included in this trial were the sometimes clammy hormonal night sweats that plague women. Oh joy. And I have one armpit that stinks worse than the other – always. Anyone else have that?

I didn’t work out with these on because frankly I never workout. I was just wanting something to serve me on an everyday basis, not when I was running a triathlon.

I just don’t want to smell like a mastodon in the heat in the middle of daily life.

I did try these deodorants out in summer. I should tell you I don’t have central air but a window unit in the living room. No A/C was used at night, only the lowly ceiling fan. I did not reapply at any time. I did not wear any scents as to give me any extra help in the funk department and that would interfere with an accurate smell test.

Had I been faithful in reading the ingredient listings as I am with most things I put on my body I never would have purchased some of them. Not that I felt they were dangerous, it’s just that some lacked what I would consider critical odor and wetness suppressant ingredients.

I don’t really have sensitive skin and none of these were irritating to me.

If you have sensitive skin just be sure to read and do a test spot just in case you may have a reaction to anything in it. I do understand people vary in their hormone levels and slight PH level differences so that can cause various outcomes.

I didn’t re-apply any of these Cruelty Free Aluminum Free Deodorants during the tests. I don’t want to have to reapply in real life sweatiness situations either.

I really like the original mineral rock deodorant. Its my all time favorite so I kept in mind the superior wetness protection this gives verses these other deodorants.

Now the deodorant reviews

Deodorant Stick - Bergamot + Lime - 3.25 oz (92 Grams)

Schmidt’s Lime Bergamot.

Claim to fame: Essential oils that lend additional disinfectant and skin healing benefits. All natural formula effectively neutralizes underarm odor and absorbs wetness.

The smell of this is intoxicating lovely. I’m a huge bergamot scent fan so this immediately won me over. To me it smells like 7up soda. Light and fresh! This formula contains Maranta Arundinacea (arrowroot) Powder and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). Leaves a faint residue. The texture is tiny bit gritty which really didn’t trouble me. It’s a super thick formula that takes few passes to get on. This lovely scent faded throughout the day. The sweatier I got the less I smelled the fragrance. This didn’t make it to 12 hours which was what the test period was. I’d say it was good odor protection for about 7 hours.

Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant Chamomile & Green Tea

The Crystal Invisible Solid stick deodorant. Chamomile and Green tea

Claim to Fame: Brand with good reputation. 24 hour protection. No white marks.

The fragrance was not overpowering & certainly wouldn’t interfere with any fragrance you might want to be using. It’s an almost clear colored gel stick. I wanted to try this because I really like the original The Crystal mineral rock deodorant. Its my all time favorite. The Crystal Invisible Solid stick deodorant in Chamomile and Green tea has slippery silicone like feel going on. What its missing is the minerals also that work so well in the Original Crystal mineral rock stick. This didn’t make it to 12 hours. Out of all deodorant this was the most disappointing. Scent and odor protection wore off at about the 5-6 hour mark.

Type A Deodorant, Clean Crisp Citron

Type A Deodorant Clean Crisp Citron.

Claim to Fame: Sweat activated technology. Time release effect provides lasting protection. CLOTHING-FRIENDLY. Includes Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) Powder. The fine plant based powder used in deodorants for adults as it is ideal for absorbing excess moisture.

Each full-size tube is 2.8oz (80g) Comes in a Squeeze tube. This is a milky creamy gel that you spread on with the rounded applicator. This was the one that most appealed to me scent wise. I am very partial to citrus scents and it was the best smelling of the bunch. The top scent you smell is Mandarin Orange although not overtly so. You could use for sweaty areas in addition to the armpits because of its creamy gel formulation. It is a wet application that dries fairly quickly. I’m wondering if this would be a great option for anti-chafing. This could easily be a gender neutral scent. I felt was seriously B.O. Free. Includes a small, non-irritating dose of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda). A natural exfoliant and skin purifier, baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, helps balance skin’s pH levels and is effective at absorbing all types of moisture, including sweat. Its also includes Zinc Citrate great for killing odor causing bacteria and neutralizing smells. This does come in two other scents if citrus isn’t your vibe.

Type A Deodorant was the winner in this deodorant review with the sweat protection going up to 48 hours! This will be a definite repurchase for me.

When switching to a deodorant vs an antiperspirant it’s recommended by Type A to know :

✓ While your body is adjusting, you may sweat more or smell differently for about 2 weeks, though some don’t experience any adjustment period. 

✓ To help the transition along, try using a charcoal or clay mask under your arms, or a mild acid-based toner.

✓ Be consistent. Reverting back to antiperspirant makes it harder for your body to adjust.

The closest to antiperspirant I’ve found so far is the Original Crystal mineral rock stick.

Not the roll on- not the gel -but the rock! Made of mineral salts, Crystal Deodorant forms an invisible barrier to block odor before it starts. This effective odor-fighting stick is non-sticky and non-staining. Ideal for both men and women, this deodorant is perfect for underarms or other targeted body areas. Plus, it’s fragrance free and doesn’t leave any white marks!

Cruelty-Free Aluminum Free Deodorant Reviews: Type A vs. Schmidt's vs. The Crystal 1

Am I going to stop doing trials on cruelty-free Aluminum free Deodorant for review now? No. I’ll do it “all in the name of science” and for the innocent animals of course! You never know if during these deodorant reviews I might find another B.O. free gem!


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