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beauty bulletins blog 2023 skincare and makeup trend predictions

The amount of skincare research happening is mind numbing. I read beauty industry journals at least a couple times a month. I’m focusing on the most practical and science based cruelty-free products that are readily available. Your conscience can rest easy knowing that animals were not harmed during the research nor development of any of the featured products. Read beauty bulletins blog 2023 skincare and makeup trend predictions below.

beauty bulletins blog 2023 skincare and makeup trend predictions
PIN beauty bulletins blog 2023 skincare and makeup trend predictions

beauty bulletins blog 2023 skincare and makeup trend predictions

Talc-free makeup

I see more and more companies attempting to limit their talc in makeup. This is good news. Talc can be quite drying to the skin. Talc is a natural mineral, often used to absorb moisture, prevent the caking of makeup products and provide opacity, The ingredient is often contaminated with small traces of asbestos. Even in the absence of asbestos which some talc can contain, research shows that the powder can potentially cause pulmonary talcosis and other respiratory ailments. Including talc, Honest Beauty bans over 2,500 ingredients in its products to ensure safe use for its consumers. Talc is easily replaced by rice power or Clay and corn starch.

Pacifica, and Gabriel/ Zuzu lux brands have already had talc free makeup for some time.

Focus on ceramides in skincare and some cosmetics

Hyaluronic acid (not a harsh acid) had it’s day and more skincare companies will focus on how many ceramides and and higher counts in it skincare products. The great thing about that it there are good vegan cruelty-free sources for that. Those with dry skin can welcome this development. I think we will see hyaluronic and ceramides be combined as a nice marriage in skincare. Ceramides are lipid fats that help maintain skin’s natural function, reduce moisture loss, and protect against dehydration, irritation, and signs of aging. My interest is in how long lasting in formula ceramides are in cosmetics.

Sheer cosmetics

In the hey day of Instagram we saw highly pigmented everything. It was over the stop showgirl type make up with Super pronounced brows, contour and overdrawn lip lines. Then came the pandemic. Women tired of applying all that just to see it wearing off from masking and sweat from masking. Personally I’m glad to see the move away from full coverage foundations and I predict we will see even more sheer makeup offerings including bronzers.

Gel makeup.

Gel type blushes have been around a while but the makers of them are few. And by gel I don’t always mean sheer. I mean texture. I predict we will see an increase in gel type foundations and bronzers as well as blushes. bareMinerals makes a a fabulous gel foundation that I just love. COMPLEXION RESCUE® TINTED MOISTURIZER WITH HYALURONIC ACID AND MINERAL SPF 30 has been a favorite for years. This bareMinerals Gel formulation is semi-opaque.

Thin concealers

Nothing looks worse than having a thick cakey concealer that gets trapped in every undereye wrinkle. I really like the theory of this but in practice they will have to win me over by formula. Not everyone has brown or dark blue circles to cover so this is a welcome development. I hate having to powder over concealer so it would be great to skip this step.

More vegan cosmetics.

Vegan makeup describes makeup that hasn’t been formulated with any animal products or byproducts. This idea is long overdue. We live in the 21st century and grinding up beetles (carmine) for colors is gross and archaic. Elf, Lime Crime and LYS have already perfected vegan color for makeup and they do it affordably. Purple Carrot and beets exist and we need to make use of them as coloring.

The return of the matte face or at least partially matte.

We’ve seen everything from beaming, metallic and glowingly greasy as a foundation and highlighter trend. And as trends go after awhile it moves to the exact opposite. That time has come. Matting the T-zone for oily skinned gals has always been a thing. If we see highlighted noses go the way of the dinosaur it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. If you are oily skinned you will be super happy. LYS Beauty
Triple Fix Translucent Pressed Setting Powder non-drying powder
is so good in this category.

Emphasis on skincare peptides

Be careful with this. I only recommend only cruelty-free peptides. And many come in cruelty-free form. Animal by products are not needed for this. The human body has its own peptides that diminish with age. I can see the use in these if they are listed high in the ingredient deck. Otherwise it’s just to say the products include them with little of the promised ingredients. Peptides work for fine lines and wrinkles. It will be interesting to see higher grade peptide blends as they come out.

Use of mushroom’s and flower extracts in skincare

I applaud this plant based research. While mushroom’s are fairly cheap at the the grocery section, skincare extracts usually aren’t. Spinning them down to useful extracts isn’t cheap. Cosmetic chemists are worth their salt. There is big interest in this for moisture retention in the skin. No one want the skincare they paid for to just evaporate off their skin. They also want it to be skin comparable. Another R & D cost factor.

Flower extracts in skincare have been around for some time. Chamomile and witch hazel would be an example of that. This is really hot in the research world right now. Not just for treatment levels but for natural preservative abilities. My only concern is the is amount of allergies I have to flora. I do hope this testing is not done on animals. That would be my 2nd caution. bareMinerals has been a leader in flower and palnt extracts in skincare while remaining cruelty -free. Versed is a newer brand that has good formulas in flower extracts in skincare.

With mushroom extract

With Flower extracts

Green tea inclusion in everything.

Green tea loves the skin and is rich in antioxidant properties. Even the caffeine in some of these products are beneficial to the skin and scalp. Green tea offers a strong defense against sun damage, too. Studies show applying green tea topically can help heal photoaging, like premature wrinkles and age spots, as a direct result of sun exposure. Earth Harbor has some high quality green tea based products. This another ingredient you want high up in the ingredient list.

Skincare infused cosmetics.

This has been around for some time in lip products. I think there will be more emphasis on Skincare infused cosmetics as 2023 moves forward. I already use a tinted BB cream with some skincare and SPF in it from bareMinerals. It’s my winter time go to. I’m all for this if there is enough included to make difference. As I said prior, higher in the ingredient deck is the true test of whether its worth the money and enough to make difference in the skin. That also means it will be more expensive usually but not always.

What beauty bulletins blog 2023 skincare and makeup trend predictions do you like?

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