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My beauty trend predictions for 2022

These beauty trend predictions are purely my speculations of what beauty trends we will see in the future in skincare and makeup. This comes from industry publications I read and my informed hunches of what I see happening in the beauty world. I don’t consider my self a seer nor do I have a crystal ball or magic eight ball behind my predictions. I won’t list all trends that are out there but the ones I have the best knowledge of.

 beauty trend predictions for 2022

My beauty trend predictions for 2022 ©

Eye beauty trend predictions

Glitter eye shadow will be less focused on. This trend will become less in 2022 making way for newer eye trends.

Matte eye shadow will make hearty headway in the new year. I think we see this in all forms of eye shadows duos, quads and entire palettes. Matte eye shadow will show up possibly even in cream eye shadows and stick form as well.

Colored eye liner Granted colored eyeliner has been around for a long while but I think we will see more brands expand their lines of colored eyeliner.

Brown eye liner We will see a move away from the bolder black cat eye liner to various shades of brown.

Brown mascara In a pairing with the no makeup-makeup trend we’ll see more brands carrying brown mascaras. This blends in better with a more bare faced look.

Smaller size mascara at the same price. As inflation increases watch for the amount of mascara in the tube to get smaller with price staying the same.

Lip beauty trend predictions

Lip oils These are some of my favorite lip products. We saw this trend last year but will see it continue to increase. I think we will have choices for more or less pigment depending on brand. Yay!

Cream lip glosses This would be the less sparkly version of lip glosses.

Smaller color collections in lipstick Brands will come out with fewer colors in their debuting collections. The collections will be more curated than broad. My guess this is because mask wearing is being continued. I also think it has some connection to supply chain issues.

Lip stains As mask wearing continues a good long lasting lip color that doesn’t dry out your lips comes as a welcome trend.

Face foundation beauty trend predictions

Lighter weight foundations

Skin tints and tinted moisturizers This light weight formula trend will continue through out the year. More brands will bring this to the forefront with expanding their line with different formulations of skin tints and tinted moisturizers.

Serum foundations. As beauty science innovations improve, we will see the old thick cake matte formulas disappear. Not to say matte will disappear it just be in a lighter formulation.

Translucent Powder As foundations become lighter in formulation I think powders will too. No one wants a cakey powdery face. We will see more brands carry a translucent powder in their collections.

Powder foundations. As technologies update we will see powder foundations that are smoother than its decades old counterparts. And an upgrade to broader shade ranges. That’s always a good thing.

Full Face Palettes We’ve seen some really good full face palettes debut in 2021. I love the idea of having the full face of color cosmetics in one palette. Look for more brands to increase their offerings in this category.

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Blush beauty trend predictions

Matte blush While matte blush never went away, I think the trend of a dewy face with a more matte blush will become a thing. I think it will be something that helps a dewier foundation not to slip away on the cheeks. This would more for those with normal to oily skin.

Blush tints These aren’t common place as yet but the rise of this trend is to be expected as it goes along with the no makeup – makeup trend. These come in a thinner formula but still can pack a punch for your beauty dollar.

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Skincare beauty trend predictions

Eye creams I think there will be a larger focus on eye creams than before. Many are getting those crinkles and wrinkles in the eye area and want some how to treat them. A good well formulated eye cream can help. Look for one with the expensive ingredients at the top of list.

Barrier creams These are those heavier creams that are occlusive and trap water from dissipating from the skin. This an old school skincare type coming back in to vogue. The newer version of this would include skin balms. This of course would be for drier skin.

Primer skincare hybrids These exist if you look for them and have an informed knowledge of ingredients. I predict these will come up more on the beauty radar as women are looking for a good multitasker that will do more than one thing for their money.

Olive-derived Squalane included in skincare that mimics your skin’s natural oils, making it an excellent emollient. We’ve seen some small focus on this by certain brands but look for this to become more mainstream

Ceramides included in skincare to help to restore the skin’s protective moisture barrier. this is what Cerave is famous for but they are NOT cruelty-free. I think we will see this ingredient added to makeup as well. This includes vegan ceramides as well.

Plant based beauty While I’m thrilled with this upcoming trend it doesn’t mean it will be cruelty-free. I see brands hoping they will be seen as cruelty free by offering plant based beauty when they are not. Always check the label for cruelty-free bunny symbols to be sure its cruelty-free.

vegan vs cruelty free. beauty trend predictions

Mutli -acid toners and skin treatments This will become more popular to smooth skin as a dewy face will remain a continuing trend. And for help with acned skin due to continued masking.

All areas of beauty trend predictions

More sustainable packaging It’s my hope we will see more hemp and bamboo blend packaging instead of constantly relying on the use of trees. Trees are purifiers and homes to animals. We don’t need to be destroying them when there are better sustainable options. More sustainable packaging will included more recyclable plastics and paper containers.

More focus on Organic ingredients. There seems to be a good push in the industry for this. I am totally for less use of insecticides and herbicides in your skincare and makeup.

Some reformulation of sunscreens As the public gets more informed on this topic they will be less likely to put up with the “same old, same old” in one of their most important anti-aging solutions. I also believe we would like to pursue lighter sunscreens that don’t sit heavy on the skin.

As always my hope is that we move away from animal testing in all its forms. More methods of non-animal testing become available each year and we have no excuse to further animal testing/torture use in the modern world. Its the 21st century and we can do better.

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