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Simple Smart Beauty Resolutions for 2024

I have no plans to totally reinvent myself in 2024. I don’t want to nor do I have the energy. I do however want to make some smart and simple tweaks that I think will be helpful and make my life easier. These are my Simple Smart Beauty Resolutions for 2024. I hope they are a help to you as well.

Smart Achievable Beauty Resolutions for 2024

Of course everything simple and smart recommended will be with being cruelty-free in mind.

Simple Smart Beauty Resolutions for 2024

Stop buying foundation that is too light for me.

I’ve had a habit of just automatically buying the lightest foundation in the range of most brands. This has not served me well. I noticed in my last couple selfies (I don’t take many) how ghostly l looked. Turns out I don’t need the lightest shade after all. I need to take more time picking out foundation. Im not a huge bronzer wearer so I want my foundation to be the right color without having to wear a ton of bronzer.

Stop buying more mascara when I haven’t used up the last two.

Eye makeup in general is my favorite and I love a good sale. However I’ve discovered mascara is something that doesn’t keep well. I’ve opened “new”(new to me but not so brand new) mascaras just to find them dried out.

Faithful use of my newest eyelash serum.

These type of serums don’t work well unless you are daily consistent with them. It’s been the last thing I do at night and I often fall asleep before it gets done. I really need to do it earlier in the evening before I crash out.

Read ingredients more thoroughly.

I’m guilty of reading about the first 10 or so ingredients. That’s usually what makes up the bulk of most formulas. Lately I thought I was getting low fragrance or no fragrance skincare only find out the scent was so strong it was overwhelming. So much so I could actually taste the fragrance after applying the skincare to my face! I need to read through to the end to check that fragrance is the last ingredient or not in the formula at all. Thankfully I don’t get breakouts from fragrance but I know many do.

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Less skincare products but better potency.

I’m not one of those that can use basic non-actives skincare and expect to get results. I’m too old for basic skincare to work for me. By “actives” I mean retinol. peptides, ceramides, glycolic acid AHA’s and the like. I look for these to be at the top of the ingredient deck because ingredients are listed from most to least. Not all actives can be worn at once so I’m making sure I follow the product instructions.

ON my radar right now: Keys Soulcare Truly Becoming Multi-Benefit Peptide Serum

a dermatologist-developed clinically proven, rejuvenating facial serum provides immediate hydration, plumps the look of skin, and visibly improves fine lines and wrinkles – both instantly and over time.

Not hoard sunscreen.

Right now I have many sunscreens from different brands with different formulas because I like trying new things. I likely wont get them used up before they go bad. By bad I don’t mean to smell bad or separate. The problem is sunscreen expires. It’s not something one can use indefinitely until its gone. Knowing the expiration date before you buy is super helpful. Look for the date on the crimp of plastic tube or printed some on the product.

Get rid of shampoo that makes my hair more oily.

I hate wasting anything I’ve paid good money for but I’ve had it with shampoos that make my hair more greasy. Since my hair loss (telogen effluvium) from Covid, my scalp, hair texture and thickness have really changed. My hair isn’t as thick (or long) as it used to be so I no longer need heavier formulas.

My favorite cruelty free shampoo brand right now: Hask

Do more returns for things that don’t suit me.

I used to never return anything for fear of embarrassment and them not taking it. Now I am braver and less shy. It never hurts to ask – you may be pleasantly surprised. I know I have been.

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