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Are you ready to say, “No more animal cruelty?”

Millions of animals are helplessly tortured & killed during tests for cosmetics and household products.


Unfortunately the U.S. is still home to many companies who continue to legally perform horrible test on animals even though the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission doesn’t require animal testing for cosmetics or household products!  Ninety-four percent of animal testing is done to determine the safety of cosmetics and household products – leaving only 6% for medical research.

Most of the animals that are used in testing are bred just for testing (beagles) but many others come from the pound.
The LD50 test short for lethal dose, is one of the worst tests that was developed back in 1927 and is still in use today. Groups of animals are dosed with different amounts of a test substance in order to determine the dose which kills half of the animals!  Animals are force-fed the substance.


How cruel do these tests get?

One of the most popular tests up until recent times, called the Draize test, involves applying household chemicals and beauty products directly into animals eyes.  The animals are often shaved and some household or beauty product is rubbed into their skin or eyes and left there until animals are maimed or dead.

From PETA: Draize eye irritancy test, in which cosmetics, dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner, and other substances are dripped into the animal’s’ eyes, often causing redness, swelling, discharge, ulceration, haemorrhaging, cloudiness, or blindness.

WHY being Cruelty free MATTERS

The Tests are Painful

Bunnies, dogs, cats, and primates are commonly used in animal tests .
If you believe that these tests are as painless as a needle prick, you’re wrong. Animal tests cause pain and distress to the animals often lasting days, weeks or a lifetime, and there’s no such thing as painless animal testing. Rabbits are often subjected to irritancy tests where cosmetics, dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner and other substances are dripped into their eyes, causing them redness, swelling, discharge, ulceration, hemorrhage, cloudiness or blindness.

The truth is that animal testing is painful and unnecessary. By supporting brands that don’t test on animals, you’re able to encourage the companies that are making a real difference. There’s no reason not to switch.

There are animal testing alternatives. Animal experiments can be replaced by at least 450 methods known at this time.Are you ready to say, “No more animal cruelty?” 1

Companies to avoid include Unilever, Procter and Gamble and Johnson And Johnson. There are actually many more so that’s just a start.

Are you ready to finally say, “No more animal cruelty?”

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