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Is Suave now cruelty free?

On February 12, 2020, Unilever announced that Suave is now PETA certified cruelty-free. What does that mean exactly?

Is Suave now cruelty free? 1

Can cruelty-free ethical shoppers buy Suave products now? Or is it a similar tactic like Dove and Wet N Wild performed to enter the cruelty-free market under a false premise?

Suave has become the latest of Unilever’s beauty and personal care brands to gain global ‘cruelty-free’ accreditation from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

 Being cruelty-free means products and their ingredients have not involved animal experimentation…yet Unilever sells products in China – where animal research is required by law. Unilever may well have a line that is ‘cruelty-free’, and may be working on the Chinese government to change legislation. But remember, it is a conglomerate that owns personal grooming lines which are sold in China, meaning it has chosen profit and torture over lives, and continues to do so.

Unilever operates in more than 100 countries, selling its products in more than 190 countries. The global sales of Suave items to other countries makes way for the cruel & inhumane practice of animal testing.

  • Unilever is a big company big on animal testing.  It has research facilities in the United Kingdom (two), the Netherlands, China, India and the United States.I find Unilever’s  happy little ecosystems logo ironic. I wonder if it’s everything they test on.


Animal Testing Questions to ask when buying Cruelty Free



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There are no costs associated with being listed as cruelty-free and companies that choose to license the PETA cruelty-free bunny logo can do so for a small one-time fee of $100. These companies are not yearly audited. PETA currently does not conduct audits being to confirm that brands are still abiding by their pledge. The PETA certifications also do not guarantee that brands don’t sell in markets that require animal testing by law. 

So are Suave products cruelty free?

Unilever / Suave Is Not Cruelty Free Until It Stops Selling In China
If parent companies are important to you, Suave is not a 100% cruelty-free brand

Unilever, Suave’s parent company, has also been designated by PETA as “Working for Regulatory Change,” a category that recognizes businesses that test on animals only when explicitly required to do so by law. WOW! Talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth!-

Besides cosmetics it includes, dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner, and other substances are dripped into the animals’ eyes, often causing redness, swelling, discharge, ulceration, hemorrhaging, cloudiness &  blindness. But using reconstituted human skin is up to 86% accurate.
Common experiments include: forcing them to inhale toxic gases and injecting or force feeding them with potentially harmful substances. Often, animals used for testing are killed at the end of the experiment. Most commonly used animals are rabbits & beagles.

 Unilever is home to TRESemmé, Shea Moisture, Nubian Heritage, Nubian Heritage and nyako, Beauty Bakerie, Dollar Shave Club, Tatcha, REN Skincare, Freeman and Kate Somerville Skincare LLC.

 Unilever’s statement on the Corporate Consciousness Award Below:
Is Suave now cruelty free? 2

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