Review: Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face. Is it a Hail Yes or a Heck No?

Let’s start with Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face claims:

This comprehensive anti-aging treatment, ideal for all skin types, delivers powerful ingredients, precise technology and personal results for visibly smoother, firmer, radiant-looking skin. perricone.march.2018

  • Fights the most stubborn signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and redness, loss of firmness and elasticity, enlarged-looking pores, rough texture.
  • Dr. Perricone’s proprietary Liquid Crystal Delivery System promotes optimal delivery of potent anti-aging ingredients for visibly dramatic, personal results.
  • Delivers the natural, rested and radiant appearance of healthy-looking, youthful skin.

This trial pack was sent to me by #Influenster. One thing I liked was the size of the sample packet. There was enough product to do my whole face plus my neck.

Scent: I loved the smell of ever so faint of apples. Although I’m not sure why since this product does not have added fragrance.

Texture: The viscosity (thickness) of this is very pleasant. It’s a creamy gel lotion. It’s not thick or greasy. It glides on.  It takes while to soak in for me. Maybe 20 minutes or so. It’s definitely moisturizing on my combo skin but no overly so.

Color: It’s a translucent cream transforms into a serum.

Performance: I discovered I couldn’t wear this with makeup over top . It gave me pimples.The only thing I noticed on my skin in 7 days from the list of claims is moisturization and bit of lessening in the fine wrinkles reduced above my lip. It didn’t work at all on the fine lines under my eyes. Of course this went away as soon as the sampling was done. I’m not sure a 7 day sample is enough to really change anyone’s skin. AND I would say that of any skin care. This not my first time trying Perricone MD I had a kit a quite few years ago that I really liked but again when I ran out I just couldn’t afford to repurchase. Perricone Is no longer considered cruelty free since they sell in China which demands animal testing. Such a disappointment. 

With cell turnover being 30 days I feel a 30 trial would be the only way to really see much change. However that is not in my future since the price of Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face is exorbitant. Off the charts for my budget. $149.00 for 1 fl oz and the fact it’s no longer cruelty free means… 

It’s a Heck no!


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