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Six Causes of Pimples you aren’t thinking of.


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Acne isn’t limited to a person’s face. According to the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology ), nearly 85 percent of people will experience acne on their face, chest, and back at some point in their life.

Your skin is constantly exposed to chemicals, toxins, pollutants, and other stressors.Basic skin care — bathing daily and washing your face and hands with mild soap — may not be enough to prevent blemishes.

If you are prone to skin breakouts or acne, the following can actually make the problem worse.

Pillow case

Obviously sleeping on a pillow case that has grease and bacteria in it from previous nights can only aggravate the acne you already have, further. Sweat and dirt, can clog pores and cause pimples.  A dirty pillowcase contains the oils and bacteria that set into the fabric rubs onto your face when you lay on it, clogging your pores, therefore causing more acne.

If you have oily skin then then changing your pillow cases will definitely help. Changing pillow cases frequently is not a cure but it is a help as will many things which might help incrementally, It’s good practice to keep your cheeks on clean sheets.

Try a bamboo fiber fabric for your pillow cases. Bamboo fiber fabric is naturally antimicrobial. 100% bamboo showed a reduction in bacterial growth after 6 hours incubation, but no reduction in growth was seen after 24 hours. The 60% bamboo, 40% cotton blend showed an increase in bacterial growth. This suggests that there may have been insufficient bamboo fibre in the blend to have any antibacterial effect and supports previous claims that state that to be antimicrobial there must be greater than 65% bamboo content.


Try to keep your cell phone from touching your face, too.  Also, don’t lean your face on your hands, which may carry oils and germs that can irritate blemishes. Regularly cleaning your screen will lessen these acne-causing oils.
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Makeup brushes

If you are prone to skin breakouts or acne, not cleaning brushes can actually make the problem worse. Bacteria, dirt and old make-up and dead skin cells build up with use on makeup brushes when they aren’t properly cleaned.

You should clean your makeup brushes at least once a week.While many people go weeks, months or even years without giving them a deep clean, this can lead to them becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

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