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Top Winter Skincare Must Haves You Need plus reviews

It’s winter baby and I need all the winter skincare to keep me from looking like a dehydrated prune! Like many of you, my skin is drier in winter and I need all the skincare help I can get. I’m wanting for all the skin softening and hydrating formulas. Tis the season for all those types of richness. I’m ready for soothing and smoothing! All I cover in this article are all cruelty-free of course.

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Top Winter Skincare Must Haves You Need

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I don’t use these all Winter Skincare Must Haves everyday but as needed. My skin can be normal to dry in winter.

Top Winter Skincare Must Haves You Need

Lip balm

I steer clear of the old school thick waxy cough syrupy tasting lip balms. I’ve not found them to be useful for me. I prefer newer formulations like

elf hydrating core lip balm It is the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried many! Its a slick lip balm with heart shaped core that moisturizes lips while adding a sheer tint of color. It’s simply hard to beat the quality and efficacy of this balm. I love the moisturizing benefits of this lovely tinted balm as well as the light smell and taste. It’s price is is super affordable. So is this elf balm color variety. elf core lip balm is a beautiful blend of makeup and skincare. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a handful of these. Shout out to my bestie for turning me on to this lovely cruelty free lip balm.

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Lip oil

I have several lip oils and like them all. Nothing like a restorative soothing oil for my dehydrated crusty lips in winter! So good for Hydration, Shine, and Color. My favorites are those that have a tint of color to keep me looking at least half alive in the dead of winter. Let these jojoba, hazelnut, olive fruit, rose hip and sunflower seed oil-infused options to be just the soothing solution you’re looking for. This tinted Pacifica stick oil is a very unique option in 5 colors.

Vitamin C cream

Dry skin is often dull skin as well. It just doesn’t have that normal light reflecting property moisturized skin has. That’s where vitamin C products come into play. Vitamin C also helps guard your skin from the damage that can be caused by the sun’s UV rays. By promoting collagen health, Vitamin C for skin is transformative, creating a complexion that looks bright and vibrant. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is proven effective at protecting against photoaging of the skin. SKIN CONCERN: DULL SKIN, DISCOLORATION/UNEVEN TONE, FINE LINES & WRINKLES, LOSS OF FIRMNESS /ELASTICITY, DRYNESS & DEHYDRATION

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Derma E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream is one of my favorites. The antioxidant power of Vitamin C makes it one of the most essential skin care ingredients. It rejuvenates skin, making it appear more youthful while reducing signs of aging such as uneven tone, discoloration and fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also helps guard your skin from the damage that can be caused by the sun’s UV rays. By promoting collagen health, Vitamin C for skin is transformative, creating a complexion that looks bright and vibrant. If my skin is feeling super dry I can use this during the day as well if I use a light hand with a thin coat. I love it around my eyes as an eye cream.. This brand is cruelty free which is another huge plus to me since I’m trying to use as many ethical-but-effective cosmetics as I can. I like the texture and creaminess of this skin cream. Its feels so nurturing in winter. It truly is a winter skincare must have.

Vitamin C Intense Night Cream

Moisturizing Primer

I’m normally not a huge fan of primers on my skin but in cold weather I make an exception! I find them to be good multitasking time savers. Perfect for priming your skin’s surface for flawless makeup application. Primer hybrids get better every year. They include everything from vitamin C hyaluronic acid and I’m always on the look out for those that favor my skin type. I especially like those with tints and a bit of coverage for my pasty winter skin. I look for Light-Reflecting Pigments that blur skin for a smooth finish and a formula that smooths uneven skin tone.

Ceramide skincare

Ceramide lipids are soluble fats that your skin recognizes. They are fast-absorbing to help intensely hydrate & visibly improve texture. They hydrate, seals cracks and helps prevent moisture loss. It helps restore the protective barrier function of the skin. Great for sensitive skin. make sure your ceramides are vegan. Look for these in your ingredients list: ceramide NP, ceramide AP, ceramide EOP.

Tinted moisturizer or skin tint

I’m not much of a foundation wearer in winter. I prefer a tinted moisturizer or bb cream. I just don’t want to deal with flaky cells showing up with foundation wearing in this season. I want a skincare ingredient based coverage when the weather is so harsh. I wouldn’t consider skin tint a “foundation.” It truly is a tint, as the coverage is minimal and the formula is very thin. Pacifica Kind Tint Tinted Serum has the best of skincare: packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, caffeine and niacinamide to hydrate, even and brighten. Plus favorite vegan collagen ingredient into complexion for an extra boost of hydration.

Creamy concealer

I definitely cannot wear the same concealer I use in warmer weather in winter. Its just far too matte and drying. Last thing I need is dry chunky bits of concealer in my wrinkles and crinkles. elf hydrating camo concealer is a long-wear liquid concealer that provides crease-proof full coverage while hydrating your skin. Great for normal, combination, and dry skin.

Cream blush

In winter I don’t need any powder sucking even more of the moisture out of my face. A good creamy balmy blush fits my needs in this season. It helps me too look like I’m not in some version of the The Walking Dead: Winter Season. This one from Pacifica is air-whipped lightweight formula is infused with vegan collagen and ingredients to help hydrate skin while adding a soft, blendable flush of color to cheeks and lips.

Skin oils

This the only season I can get away with wearing these. Facial oil? Antioxidant serum? Yes! If you have dry skin you can get away with wearing these all year long. Whether a single oil or blend version use these oils to sink in and alleviate parched skin. These are beneficial for both body and face. Great for softening the chest area as well.

Two VERSED products that’ll up the moisture and relieve the flakiness. $37.99 VALUE

Cleansing balm

I have fallen love with these cream-turn-liquid cleansers. So have many others as almost every brand has cleansing balm now. After trying several of these, so far elf is my favorite. I like it because its doesn’t t leave a weird film on my skin or eyes. And you can’t beat the price. Read my elf cleansing balm review below.

elf cleansing balm review

Cleansing oil

Akin to cleaning balms these are lighter oils that remove makeup with out stripping the skin of precious moisture. For skin in need of gentle and nourishing cleansing or makeup removal. Great for dry‚ dehydrated skin but ideal for all skin types. I like these for removing mascara too.

Serum-In-Shower Oil

A water-activated, lightweight shower oil and body serum that immediately sinks in and makes your skin look supple, plump, and smooth while providing all day hydration. Retains skin moisture and softens skin for a smooth glide. Korres brand has luscious scented products for that spa shower experience.

Lip scrubs and polishes

This is a given for smoothing dry looking lips. They come in so many great tasting and smelling formulas these days like Brown sugar. Mmm. Pick your favorite flavor for a quick exfoliating treatment.

Lip mask

Many love these as an effective overnight night treatment but I like using them any time of day when I need an extra moisture boost. These can be enhanced with powerhouse moisturizers Shea & Cupuacu Butter, Avocado oil, Rose hip oil, Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid. Overnight lip masks hydrate, conditions, and helps repair lips as you sleep for smoother, softer, petal soft lips. AND they don’t have to cost a small fortune!

Hand cream

Tight flaky skin on the hands isn’t fun. Hand cream is a winter given. It’s a nice opportunity to get an aromatherapy boost or go with an unscented one for sensitive skin.

Bonus: Sunscreen

Yes, you still need sunscreen in winter. Those daily trips out to the car do more damage than you would think. Sunscreen is still one of the biggest anti-aging tools there is.

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