Tarte Hair Goals Dry Shampoo Review

Lets begin with Tartes claims :

tarte-limited-edition-hair-goals-dry-shampooWHAT IT IS
High performance vegan dry shampoo instantly lifts oil & freshens hair, while naturally thickening ingredients.
#Sprayandslay with this stylist recommended dry mist shampoo that absorbs dirt, oil, sweat & odor to extend the life of your blowout. Natural thickeners & conditioners from tarte’s best-selling mascaras work their magic at the root, adding volume, lift & hold, while the sulfate free formula keeps moisture in to prevent flakiness. The microfine powder mist blends universally with all hair colors & textures to refresh your style with no residue left behind, & the signature sexy scent leaves hair smelling so fresh & clean.

denaeDenae Ellis is our reviewer. She has thick gorgeous dark hair and the perfect subject for this review.

Denae’s review 

Scent: It has a very strong, floral perfume like scent that I found to be a bit much. The smell is more subtle once the product is evenly distributed in the hair.

Texture: It feels very powdery & gritty to the touch which balanced out the oiliness of my hair quite well.

Feel: It left my hair feeling quite smooth and even controlled some of my frizz, which was nice!

Color: It sprays on clear, but be sure to really work it into the roots and through the hair before it dries (especially if you have dark hair) because it does dry white and flake into the hair if you don’t. I don’t know about you, but I’ll pass on the dandruff look.

Performance: It lasted well on the first day I used it and when I used it for only one day, but used 2 days in a row is where it had its downfall. I noticed after the 2nd day of use that my hair all seemed to stick together at the top, eliminating not only my curls but my volume that I usually have. I woke up in the middle of the night and my scalp was burning and itchy. Immediately after I washed this stuff out I was completely fine.

Overall: I wasn’t wowed by this product at all. It isn’t what you’re looking for if you need a bit of oomph and volume to your hair. This is more of a I’m-too-lazy-to-shower-today type of product. Even then I would say it’s only half decent at its job.

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