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All Girl Shave Club. Turn the chore of shaving into a treat! 10% off any new subscription.

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THE ULTIMATE  Shave Club for Girls!

  • Experience the excitement of what’s to come in your All Girl Shave Club package every other month
  • Variety – choose from a variety of options to match your shaving needs
  • Affordable – plans that fit all budgets, no more overpaying for razors and products
  • Plans as low as $18.00 / 1 box every 2 months

Experience high quality, premium razors and discover unique, specialty shaving and body products delivered right to your door at an affordable price! Currently we ship to the US and Canada. If you are in the USA, shipping is FREE on all subscription plans! 
The razors are the star of this show. Remember, these are premium razors, these aren’t the cheapo-deapos that you might find in the drug store. They handle differently so you do not need to apply a lot of pressure to get a great shave! Let the razor glide gently. After a couple of shaves you’ll get better at controlling it. It’s meant to be an effortless shave!  And shave butter?  Everyone needs to try shave butter!  This shave butter is so rich and creamy. It’s  made with the goodness of natural avocado oil and shea butter.
 Sign up for your box of products with All Girl Shave Club. 10% off any new subscription
Other products that can come your welcome pack:

  1. Canvas Shave Tote.
  2. Whipped Shave Butter 
  3. Pink Sugar Body Butter 
  4. Bath & Body Oil

We recommend that you change your blade every 4-6 shaves for optimal results. Harmful bacteria can grow in your blades if you don’t change them frequently enough and dull razors will give you itchy razor burn. We know you don’t want that!


No! It’s actually really, really easy. Just log in to your dashboard
and select skip or cancel. If you want to skip for a certain length of time,
or change your re-bill date! We can accommodate pretty much anything, so them us a shout if you need help!

 Sign up for your box of products with All Girl Shave Club. 10% off any new subscription Plans as low as $18.00 / 1 box every 2 months

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