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The Cold Girl Makeup Trend, an easy take on winter beauty

The Cold Girl Makeup Trend trend look mimics how you would look when you’ve spent time outside in the cold winter air with flushed cheeks, a red nose and a natural rosy glow. Or imagine your skin after getting fresh off the ski slopes. A pure reality for this lifetime northern girl who lives in winter about 5 months out of the year! I should be an expert! Currently, #imcoldmakeup has almost 50 million views on TikTok. 

Let me make The Cold Girl Makeup Trend easy for you with instructions below. This an easy look. It’s fairly uncomplicated beauty with not a lot of steps. This would make a pretty prom look too but any age can wear this makeup look.

How to do The Cold Girl Makeup Look

The Cold Girl Makeup Trend
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The: “I’m Cold” Makeup. Also known as “Cold Girl” makeup, is a “look that says ‘I’ve just come in from the snowy cold weather’ (Not a made up thing for me!)

To fashion this look imagine you’ve been for a long winter walk on a cold Montana prairie and the chilly wind has been gently whipping at your skin, giving you that tingly rosy tint all across the top of your cheeks & the tip of your nose and ears. To go further, imagine that the snow has started to waft down gently and has settled on the tops of your cheeks for a glistening glowing sheen.

Face and complexion

You’ll want to skip bronzer or contour. You want to keep your face looking natural and hydrated. A slightly dewy look fits well with this makeup look. If you have a paler pinkier hued foundation that could work in your favor.


Blush is the crowning glory of this makeup look. The key is to make it look like the blood has come rushing to the surface of the skin. Begin with a pinky or red blush with a good pigment level. Apply it on the apples of the cheeks and across the bridge of the nose. You also want to apply a small bit on the tip of the nose and the chin and ear lobes. Start sheer and build until you have the” just in from the cold” look you want. Cream or powder blush is your choice or layer up if you want it to last longer. An all in one stick blush is good for this.

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You’ll want to take a matte pink or light red lipstick or stain to get the “wind kissed” color lip style. The trick is to make it like you just came in from the cold. It might help to press your lips together tight to see a flushed or brighter color your lips might be. Apply lipstick or stain to the inside of the lips. Blot it outwards to the corners of the lips to create a flushed look. You can top this with a juicy gloss or lip oil if you desire. 



Eye shadow is minimal. An application of light white or pink icy-toned sparkle on the eyes reminiscent of frost is recommended. A white or pink highlight near the inner tear duct gives a brightness that makes one look more alert. Many skip the liner since the cheeks and lips are the star of the winter show. TikTokers have demonstrated how versatile the The Cold Girl Makeup Trend can be on all skin tones, too – with a Black creator opting for soft champagne eye shadow shades, and another person using a mix of red and pink blush, instead of just pink. Some like to add a glossy coat of clear mascara over their normal color for an extra reflective quality.

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