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SynDaver, state-of-the-art technology, dog model replaces animal testing.

SynDaver is one more reason why we don’t have to test on live animals.

SynDaver is the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic humans, and in an effort to solve the outdated and controversial issue surrounding live animal testing, the company has invented its synthetic skinless breed of dog — the SynDaver Synthetic Canine. (Not a real dog!)  The purpose is to replace live animals and even living patients during a wide variety of medical tests, training, and studies

SynDaver 1
The SynDaver Synthetic Canine.

SynDaver Labs is the manufacturer of man-made, synthetic cadavers that are made with the intention of being supplied to medical institutions for research. With this new and precise technology, SynDaver is capable of making accurate anatomical animal bodies. Each muscle or tendon found within the body is recreated in the most realistic way imaginable so that they may be used for clinical training, surgical lessons, and many other medical studies. The goal in mind for this company is to generate a new way to study medical science so that actual animals can be eliminated from the medical education process. 

Individual tissues have been validated over the last two decades to accurately mimic the mechanical, dielectric and physicochemical properties of the relevant living tissue. The resulting tissues respond to all known imaging techniques and medical devices just as live tissue does. The high-fidelity models have realistic anatomy, SynTissue organs and blood circulation. 

The SynDaver project began about 10 years prior within Sakezles garage, He has a PhD in polymer science, Masters in material science, and Bachelors in mechanical engineering.

The synthetic cadavers also mean that another brutal and upsetting option doesn’t need consideration. That’s what’s known as a kill procedure, in which a vet student practices more than one procedure on a live, but anesthetized dog, which is later euthanized. 

This state-of-the-art technology is a life-like and anatomically correct model that’s used in place of live or cadaver animals during studies.  The purpose is to replace live animals and even living patients during a wide variety of medical tests, training, and studies. SynDaver Synthetics and body parts are designed for advanced surgical simulation and poly-trauma team training.

Syndaver dog
SynDaver Surgical Canine 

SynDaver products include:

Canine Abdominal Surgical Trainer.The Canine Abdominal Surgical Trainer is a high fidelity surgical trainer. The model provides a platform for repeatable surgical procedures.

SynDaver Surgical Canine The SynDaver Synthetic Canine is a futuristic animal model designed to replace live animals and animal cadavers in veterinary surgical training. Based on 20+ years of SynDaver research. Featuring customizable pathology integrated with complete vasculature, the system affords surgeons an incomparable experience in surgical situations commonly faced by veterinarians.

Deluxe Canine Airway Trainer. SynDaver’s ultra-high-fidelity canine intubation and upper airway trainer. This model contains highly realistic oral and upper airway anatomy and is by far the most realistic and elaborate canine model that has ever been constructed. This model will allow for an unparalleled intubation experience.

His synthetic humans have appeared on programs such as Mythbusters, Grey’s Anatomy and Shipping Wars. SynDaver has appeared on  Shark Tank .

If you are thinking of attending veterinary school make sure Syndaver training is included at your veterinary school.

Veterinary students at Cornell University have been practicing procedures on synthetic canine cadavers—a way for them to gain important surgical experience without operating on a real animal. Besides Cornell, institutions like the University of Florida and Texas A&M University also have a number of synthetic canines from SynDaver Labs.

The company has a website (http://syndaver.com/) where you can find the products and news that pertain to the company.

There’s no reason to torture man’s best friend with more live animal testing.

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