Dupes for Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipstick

Looking for drama free dupes for Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick?

Revolution Lipstick For lipstick lovers

who want full-on color impact. This smooth formula glides on to deliver long-lasting color that feels velvety on the lips – no dreaded dry-patches clinging to the lips. Suitable for all lip types. $5.00
Includes: SUNFLOWER SEED WAX , RHUS VERNICIFLUA PEEL WAX (Berry wax basically consists of palmitic lipids of vegetable origin ) , SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS ( JOJOBA ) SEED OIL , TOCOPHERYL ACETATE (vitamin E) , TOCOPHEROL(vitamin E) , ASCORBYL PALMITATE (vitamin C) & LIMONENE ( found in the peels of citrus fruits )

Cruelty-free and vegan lipsticks from Revolution Beauty.rb-lipsticks

Dupes for Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks. The above are some dupes for items pictured below. AND by dupes I’m not saying exact matches but close dupes in color

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