Most Popular Products by Earthley. Get Good Night Lotion, Detoxifying Deodorant & Shampoo Bar with coupon code.

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Try Earthley’s most popular products in this awesome bundle!  Get Good Night Lotion, Detoxifying Deodorant, and Rosemary-Lavender Shampoo Bar.

earthley-most popular bundle pin$21.57 – $31.47 Use code “firsttime” for 10% off.

Earthley’s magnesium body lotion

Made is with 100% clean, mostly organic ingredients and is always free of parabens, fragrances, dyes and common allergens. Our magnesium body lotion promotes restful sleep, helps with leg cramps and more. It may also help with restless legs, headaches, and a whole bunch of other stuff — it’s a must-have for your natural remedy cupboard!Formulated to be used for the whole family! Vegan.
Mineral Deodorant {Natural Deodorant} The purest, safest, most effective natural deodorant.  Cuts down on odor and may reduce sweating over time, due to magnesium naturally detoxifying the body.  Does not contain any form of aluminum.  No baking soda, fragrance, or artificial ingredients.  5 scents or unscented. The magnesium kills the stink naturally, as well as pulling the toxins straight out of your body. (Yes, it’s safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, because it pulls stuff out — it doesn’t dump it into your body.)
Apricot and mango butter are non-comedogenic and great for sensitive skin. Arrowroot powder to keeps you dry (because baking soda’s rough on the skin, man).
Rosemary lavender (Or unscented) shampoo bar  Earthley created this bar to gently cleanse your hair and scalp, without stripping it of all of the natural oils that keep your hair healthy naturally.  This means that your scalp doesn’t end up dried out and flaky, and it doesn’t compensate by overproducing oil — therefore, it leaves your hair clean, longer!
Our shampoo bar includes castor oil, which may help to regrow hair, and can help hair grow thicker and longer.  It also includes organic rosemary and lavender, which are infused into the soap.  These herbs help to keep hair clean and healthy, and stimulate the scalp.  Plus, it gives the soap a very light, natural scent. ( or choose unscented)
Mango butter, one of Earthley’s key ingredients, helps to nourish your hair gently, because it adds a small amount of moisturizing to the bar.  It’s just enough to keep your scalp healthy without overwhelming your hair.

This is for one bar, which is 3 oz.  It should last 4 – 6 weeks with regular showers.


earth- popular bundle pin$21.57 – $31.47

Use code “firsttime” for 10% off

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