Dr. Squatch is here! Who is Dr. Squatch?

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Dr. Squatch natural soap & shampoo is made primarily from the following five natural oils which are the base for all of their soaps: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Oil & Shea Butter These oils represent the best combination of nutrients and vitamins to keep your skin healthy and soft.
Dr. Squatch soap ingredients are natural and safe for the skin and hair. Hemp oil, in particular, has shown to strengthen the hair and nails!

Dr. Squatch REFUSEs TO CUT CORNERS. They use the traditional cold process for all soap to retain the glycerin and nutrients in each bar, without the need for harsh preservatives. On top of that, products are made in the USA, so not only are you supporting your skin and your scent, you’re supporting America.
Does Dr. Squatch test products on animals?
Sasquatch loves animals and would never want to harm his furry friends.Dr. Squatch soapscription will deliver you one bar of soap every single month for just 7 bucks.Save 15% & get free shipping

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