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Free Shipping on Billie quality shaving supplies and body care

Receive Free Shipping on billie orders!

Billie delivers award-winning shaving supplies and premium body care products at a fair price.

Billie has one mission: to provide you with quality shaving supplies and premium body care products. The razors are built for a better shave: 5 sharp blades, encased in 360° of aloe shave soap, with rounded edges to help you navigate those curves. The products are free of toxins and bad additives – they only use premium, healthy ingredients (it’s better that way).

“Billie razors offer a near perfect shave, thanks to their soap-encased razor head that glides smoothly over your skin.”-BuzzFeed 


“Between the cost, the design, and the fuss-free subscription model, Billie is here to shake up your shower.”-Brit+Co
All Billie body care products are formulated in California.They have carefully selected each ingredient to develop a line of products that are super healthy and effective, without any bad stuff. Happy skin – day and night. All of our body care products are vegan, gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, non-GMO, exclude synthetic fragrances and are never tested on animals.
You won’t be the only woman benefiting from a better shave.
As a company, they donate 1% of all revenue to women’s causes around the world.

Receive Free Shipping on billie orders!

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