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Lotions, deodorant, shampoo bars, skin care, hair care, body oil,  supplements & elixirs

We’re excited to offer a variety for families, babies, women, men, and more! At the heart of what Earthley does is the commitment to producing 100% clean, natural products. They don’t (and won’t) use any compromising ingredients. Everything on our labels is recognizable, because it’s all about using whole and unprocessed plant materials.
This allows them to produce remedies and body care that are extremely safe, as well as extremely effective — for the whole family.

There is absolutely no outsourcing to a third party, because it’s important to know that the products we’re selling are truly clean — no surprises, no chance for mistakes or accidentally using “wrong” ingredients.

Earthley thinks that everyone should be able to afford these whole, natural products. What good is creating something awesome if only the elite can access it? That’s the prices are as low as they are.

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Save 10 – 20% on our favorite products by purchasing them in our bundles or collections!

Try out some of Earthley’s  most popular products!  In one bundle, you’ll get Good Night Lotion, Detoxifying Deodorant, and a Rosemary-Lavender Shampoo Bar.  These are top sellers and we know you’ll love them!
Good Night Lotion promotes restful sleep!  Customers report that their children fall asleep faster and easier, and they stay asleep longer!  A small amount of lotion is all you need for more peaceful nights.  (That’s because of the powerful-yet-gentle combination of lavender essential oil and magnesium chloride.)
Detoxifying Deodorant is pretty darn amazing, too. Earthley deodorant goes on smoothly and isn’t sticky.  It gently detoxes your pits so you don’t smell anymore, and continues to work!  It’s a great daily deodorant.
Rosemary-Lavender Shampoo Bar barely stays in stock!  We’ve tried it on all hair types — short, long, thick, thin, curly, straight, oily, dry, color-treated…and it works for everyone!  This bar cleans your hair gently and naturally, without stripping all the natural oils.

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