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NEW Holiday Survival Box from BuluBox!

NEW Holiday Box from BuluBox! 

This one-time, limited edition Bulu Box is jam-packed with products to help you survive the stress of the holidays! Get the Essential box to cover all your traveling, partying, and health needs. Upgrade to the STYR Labs Fitness Tracker to monitor your health throughout this holiday season.
Limited Edition Holiday Survival Box

 Limited Edition Holiday Survival Box
All boxes include

Xlear Saline Nasal Spray: Just when you think “How can our weird cousin get any more annoying?” they bring an uncontrollable sniffling to the family gathering. You only have to see them once or twice a year. Take a breath to relax, give them this hypertonic spray to loosen up those airways, and try to find common ground about leveling up to 50 in Dungeons and Dragons. *
PartyPal – Hangover Relief and Prevention: Whether you’re drinking spiked eggnog or red wine, we know holiday gatherings go smoother with a drink in your hand. We encourage you to drink responsibly, and PartyPal will help you bounce back after a night of holiday drinking! *
Sambucol Gummies – Black Elderberry: Keeping your immune system strong is extremely important during the holiday season. These two packs will help maintain your immune system in the days leading up to the get-together. *
Ugly by Nature Toothpaste – Mint & Watermelon:  As the two top-selling flavors from the most eco-friendly toothpaste on the market, these will leave your mouth refreshed and cleaner than ever.
Nutritional Designs Nana Flakes: Among pain and heartburn relief, these banana flakes have countless health benefits, such as diarrhea management! That fifth serving of pie seemed like a wonderful idea until your stomach churned and your forehead started to sweat. No need to worry, this product has you covered from any unexpected runs.
DUDE Wipes: Whether your holiday travel plans involve a long plane ride or a drive across town, you won’t want to leave home without these travel wipes. Use these three packs on your face, pits, and other regions that get stinky while traveling!
RX NutButter – Vanilla Almond: With nine grams of protein in a slim, travel sized package, this spreadable snack is a perfect vegan protein snack.
STYR Labs – SHYFT Activity Tracker: Only available in the upgraded box (toggle the down arrow below the words HOLIDAY SURVIVAL BOX for $29.99 upgraded box offering), this product is able to keep track of your motion, sleep, activity, and calories. With a long lasting battery and the ability to connect to your phone, it’ll allow you to monitor your health throughout the holiday season.
Vicks VapoCool: You’re about to meet your cousin’s significant other for the first time. Don’t let cold season get in the way of giving them a hard time! Use these premium cough drops to provide speedy relief and start asking those tough questions right off the bat!
This is a one time purchase. NEW Holiday Box from BuluBox! 
Limited Edition Holiday Survival Box