NEW! at Coastal Scents. Beautiful makeup essentials face kits.

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NEW! at Coastal Scents these kits make the best gifts.

Brush Essentials $ 9.95

The Brush Essentials palette offers the perfect combination of synthetic brushes paired with a mini black Xpress Line Pencil. The gorgeous bamboo handles are accentuated with pink metallic ferrules. This set includes every type of brush necessary for creating a complete face look, even the eyeliner.

Brush Essentials Brushes: 1. Powder Brush, 2. Dual-Tipped Angled Liner and Concealer Brushes, 3. Dual-Tipped Shadow and Blender Brushes, 4. Angled Powder Brush.

Blush Essentials $ 9.95
Give your cheeks a stunning rush of color with this travel-friendly blush palette packed with a variety of finishes.

Concealer Essentials $ 9.95
Conceal, blend, and cover any blemish with Concealer Essentials. This palette includes 15 balancing and color-correcting concealers, ideal for all complexions.
Perfect for on-the-go applications, every essential concealer will be with you when you need it.
Coastal Scents Formulations DO NOT CONTAIN Parabens, Gluten, Oxybenzone, TEA/DEA/MEA, or Propylene Glycol. #crueltyfree
cs-newnov2018We We are proud of the fact that all of our products are Cruelty Free and are never tested on animals; and we only support suppliers that do the same.

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