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 BladTap_ad_whitetapall_120x600“THE TAP” 3-in-1 RAZOR UNCLOGGER SHARPENER HOLDER

Meet The Tap, 3-in-1 Razor Unclogger, Sharpener & Holder. Cut your shaving time in half, save money and water, sharpen your blades for a smooth and close shave every time.

BLADETAP was created as a solution to one of the most common shaving issues — a clogged dull razor. The CEO was sick of getting razor burn and wasting money on razors that dulled too quickly as well as running a ton of water to hoping to get his razor clean. he tried everything from a toothbrush to a Qtip, but nothing got in between the blades to dislodge the gunk the right way. The toothbrush bristles didn’t spread out and everything else was too light or damaged the blades.

Those thoughts eventually sparked the idea for the Tap – the first 3-in-1 razor unclogger, sharpener, and holder. Slide the razor towards the brush on the sharpener pad to polish and sharpen the microscopic nicks on the blades to help prevent nicks and cuts.The first prototype worked so well, it extended the razor use by six months. 

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