Meet Blume. We’re all up in your bathroom.

We believe in products that aren’t a threat to your body or the environment. In an industry where brands aren’t required to disclose their product’s ingredients, we’ll tell you the truth about ours.

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Self-care bundle from: Blume  PMS Bundle – $15.00

My favorite part is that before the box even ships, you can customize the exact amount of pads, tamponsor personal care you need so that you never run out.

What’s new?:

HUG ME natural deodorant is hardworking and good to wear all day every day. All of our friends and customers told us they wanted a natural deodorant they didn’t have to reapply every two hours. (Sniff test, anyone?) Our secret ingredient: probiotics.

DAYDREAMER gentle organic face wash – This is the Holy Grail everyday cleanser you’ve been waiting for. It’s organic, vegan and gluten free, like everything in Malibu. Add to your morning and night routine (you time) for a bomb glow.

MELTDOWN natural blemish treatment – Ain’t nobody got time for face masks. Fight breakouts, reduce inflammation and prevent scarring. Crafted with love, one drop can heal all your spots!

CLOUD 9 essential oil for cramps – When it comes to PMS, we know you’re not ovary-acting. That’s why we made this blend. The rollerball makes application easy and fun. When we’re putting this on, we’re not focusing on the blender in our uterus.


Toxic chemicals in tampons have been linked to hormone disruptions, PCOS and endometriosis in women. Our tampons are 100% chemical free.


No harmful bleaches or dyes. Our tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton and woven for maximum absorbency.


Because our tampons are chemical free, they are safer and more comfortable. Good for you and the environment. BPA FREE