Welcome VitaFive Vegetarian Vitamins to beautybulletins.

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Health without the hassle! You choose the vitamins and Vitafive places all of them into daily packs that are then sent on a 4-week subscription! On top of that each pack contains only around 5-10 carbs and 4-7 grams of sugar so it is the perfect snack for that after lunch sweet tooth!

All of Vitafive vitamins are made from Pectin rather than gelatin like most of the competitor gummies. Vitafive uses pectin because it is a much higher quality ingredient that actually digests better than gelatin.

Most of Vitafive vitamins are vegan. Vitafive vegan vitamins/supplements include: Omega, Vitamin C, Biotin, CoQ10, and Melatonin.
No more jars, organizing vitamins, and swallowing pills. #glutenfree

Welcome VitaFive Vegetarian Vitamins to beautybulletins.

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