Kandee Johnson is one youtuber I really like! Few can compete with Kandee’s kind & lovely heart. She’s as good as gold. Speaking of gold… right now I can’t afford $45.00 for an eyeshadow palette. For those who can -awesome! Her palette includes 15 exclusive matte, satin, and shimmer shades

Here’s a peek at Kandee’s palette and the dupes are following. Remember they wont be exact replicas.iwantkandee_candyeyes_openhalf



Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition – 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette $22.50

Palette features 11 original shades plus 10 chic new shadows and highlighters in buttery, blendable formulas with staying power.




Pixi X it’s Judy Time


PRICE $24.00
A palette of super silky eyeshadows that are easy to wear and highly blend-able that seamlessly transition from day to night created by Judy.


CS-fairyfuschiaFairy Fuchsia Our Price: $ 9.95

By Costalscents. An array of neutral and fuschia toned eyeshadows exemplify grace with a colorful bouquet of a majestical garden. Apply shades either dry for a subtle look or wet for a more intense color effect.