What drives me nuts about skin care is… wait for it… it’s NUT’s!
Seems like just about every lotion, cream or serum has some kind of nut oil in these days. I happen to be allergic to nuts so I have to read every ingredient.
I know nuts that contain various vitamins and minerals. Nuts are rich in some Omega and Oleic oils. The higher the oil in the ingredient list the more you have of it.  One sees this a lot in natural or vegan products. Macadamia nut is use is on the rise.

My newly found Almond allergy caused a terrible rash on one side my face that I still have scars from.

I also refuse to pay high prices for items that are basically sunflower seed or almond oil. nuts-varius
Sweet almond oil is made from almonds, according to Drugs.com. As a tree nut, almonds are a common allergen, according to the Mayo Clinic. Allergic reactions to tree nuts such as almonds and products made from them, like sweet almond oil, are among the most dangerous kinds of allergic reactions if they are severe, according to The Allergy Site.

Tree nuts’ proteins are similar to those in sunflower seeds; as such, people with an allergy to almonds may be unable to tolerate sunflower seeds or sunflower oil.

Honestly I’d like to see nut warnings on skin care for people like me. Nuts are obviously a common allergen so why not?nonuts3.png